To restore Azerbaijani names, you need to contact Google Map individually

29 In the world cartographic service Google Map, the settlements located in Karabakh are given in Azerbaijani and Armenian names: Fizuli as Varanda, Zangilan and Gubadli as Kashatag, Lachin as Berdzor, etc.

All this causes the indignation of Azerbaijanis, especially after the victory in the 2020 Patriotic War. Double names also confuse guests of Azerbaijan and tourists, who may mistakenly name a settlement with an Armenian name, irritating the local Azerbaijani population.

In 2015, the State Committee for Land and Cartography was liquidated, and its functions were divided between the State Committee for Property, the Ministry of Ecology and the State Border Service.

Everything related to maps has been transferred to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, where Geodesy and Cartography LLC deals with the problem of maps.

When asked by Turan, its director Nazim Ismayilov said that in 2020 his department prepared and submitted to the Foreign Ministry all maps of Azerbaijan with legal names. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deals with the problem of using Armenian geographic names in Google Map.

The head of the press service of the Foreign Ministry, Leyla Abdullayeva, in an interview with Turan, acknowledged the problem of double names of Azerbaijani settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Abdullayeva asked to send links of virtual maps, where only Armenian names are used, to the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

“The Foreign Ministry has been sending written protests to Google and other virtual resources for many years, demanding to stop using foreign names and alphabets on the maps of Azerbaijan. Our efforts are not always beneficial, as Google is not a government company.

The American multinational corporation, reorganized on October 15, 2015 into the international conglomerate Alphabet Inc, takes into account the needs of consumers. The Armenian population lives in Azerbaijan, and therefore Google Map leaves Armenian names on the maps of Azerbaijan made by the company.

The Foreign Ministry will continue to work in this direction. But in order for Armenian names to disappear from there, it is necessary to send as many individual appeals from Azerbaijani citizens to Google as possible so that this American company can see the difference between the number of Azerbaijani and Armenian users and begin to use only Azerbaijani names,” Abdullayeva said.


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