My Step alliance wants memorandum to be signed with opposition on early parliamentary elections


YEREVAN, January 21. /ARKA/. Suren Grigoryan, an MP from the ruling My Step parliamentary alliance, says the opposition’s nomination of a candidate for the post of interim prime minister contradicts its calls to hold early elections.

“If the opposition nominates a candidate for the post of prime minister, it means it does not want a solution to the problem through early parliamentary elections. Therefore, we want a memorandum to that end be signed by the ruling majority and the opposition, which will state that at least this is an acceptable format for the parliamentary opposition for resolving the problem,” Suren Grigoryan said during a press briefing in parliament.

He said he was surprised at the position of the opposition, which for 2 years have been complaining that its opinion is not being taken into account, and now, when a proposal for joint decision-making was received, it refuses to participate in this process.

“We (the ruling majority in parliament) have enough seats either not to elect a prime minister and bring the process to early parliamentary elections, but we believe that the issue will be resolved when there is a consensus around it with our parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces ,” he said.

An alliance of Armenian opposition parties nominated late last year a former prime minister Vazgen Manukyan as their single candidate for the post of interim prime minister who is to hold early parliamentary elections.


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