‘She Has Not One More F*ck to Give!’ Netizens Weigh in on Melania Trump Gucci Caftan Outfit


by Svetlana Ekimenko

Former First Lady Melania Trump flaunted a dramatic style-change on her last ride on Air Force One from the White House to Florida on Inauguration Day, rocking a Gucci silk-blend loose-fitting caftan featuring a geometric pattern of orange, blue and cream.

Melania Trump stepped off Air Force One wearing a dramatic caftan-style Gucci dress when she arrived in Florida after departing the White House on Inauguration Day.

Paired with flat shoes and sunglasses, the hexagon-print dress that was reportedly available to purchase for $3,700, according to Insider, marked a stark change from the outfit chosen when the former FLOTUS accompanied Donald Trump as he gave his final remarks from the White House on 20 January 2021.

Choosing to skip the swearing-in ceremony of his successful rival in the 2020 presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden, Trump and the ex-First Lady jetted off to South Florida following a brief farewell address at Joint Base Andrews, with Melania Trump looking sombre in an all-black outfit comprising a dark Chanel jacket and Dolce & Gabbana dress.

If “I’m over it” were a person. pic.twitter.com/CLA8WucyXX

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) January 21, 2021

​However, by the time the place landed in Florida the former FLOTUS had changed into what was seen as a more beach-inspired visual statement.

Users on social media were split as to their appreciation of the outfit as well as perceived message attributed to it. Some netizens spared no epithets in deploring her choice as ‘ghastly’.

What the HELL is she wearing? God, do we ever have to see her again?

— HobbitGirl (@HobbitGirl7) January 21, 2021

I don’t really care what people wear but that has to be the ugliest dress i’ve ever seen–probably paid $1000s for it not worth $5 at resale store. Then voldamort tells everyone “have a good life”? to whom is that said? the over 400K he let die?

— 🔥🦅 Suzie 🏳️‍🌈🌎🇺🇸🌊 PerSister ⚖️🚨 (@LilySuJa) January 21, 2021

That dress belongs in the circus. Imagine practically every dress in the world is available to you and you choose THAT!

— Joanne Brigden TLMN (@crankyoldbag) January 21, 2021

That ghastly dress that looks like an oilcloth tablecloth from the White House Halloween party (They served Beefy Pumpkin Burgers from Burger King.) is a Gucci dress that cost $3,700. Ugly!

— Laurie MacDonald B.A., M.A. (@m54543456) January 21, 2021

Is that a shower curtain?

— shane (@shaneyshane331) January 21, 2021

She left in Chanel, and landed looking like Mrs. Roper

— Kristin Gernetzke Anderson, J.D. (@mulawyer) January 21, 2021

​Fans of Melania Trump’s dress style underscored that she had always, in their opinion, been the ‘epitome of grace’.

It amazes me the stupidity of people. This lady has been the epitome of style and grace for over 4 years now. Jill will never come close to the style that ooozes from Melania. And Michelle….no comment

— Paul (@whosyourdawgy) January 21, 2021

They are both atrocious human beings. That said – cool dress. It costs more than my car but I guess it looks better too

— Chris Hawks (@CHawksRun) January 22, 2021

I’m not a Melania fan but, it’s Gucci, she’s in Florida. I like it.

— tohniamiller (@tohniamiller) January 21, 2021

​The Twitterverse also weighed in on the message that they believed the former First Lady was attempting to convey.

She has not one more F*ck to give! 😂

— Witty Biscuit (@WittyBiscuit) January 21, 2021


She does make statements with her clothing. She never wanted to be in the presidency. She too didn’t think Trump would win. She made the best of 4 years. I don’t think she will stand another 4 years. I am glad they are out but give this lady a break. She didn’t want it either

— Cindy Morris (@cinkaymorr) January 21, 2021

Some believed they saw Trump slightly push his spouse in footage of the incident.

It looks like he pushed her but then he’s always mistreated her. pic.twitter.com/53QnFlQDr4

— Carol-Ann (@lillybeth53) January 21, 2021

I don’t get it when she does stuff like this. Obviously she is not happy with the guy. It shows how weak she is in my opinion by putting up with a poor relationship just for fame and money.

— Logan (@lng979797) January 21, 2021



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