Databases on Armenian traditional games and edible plants in Armenian cuisine available online

257 Siranush Ghazanchyan

With the support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia, and on the initiative of Vanadzor-based Civil Society Development NGO “Center,” electronic databases entitled “Armenian Traditional Games” and “Edible Plants in Armenian Cuisine” were created within the framework of the “Let’s Play Armenian” program. Ten video master classes were also created within the framework of the project.

The purpose of databases and master classes of traditional Armenian dishes is the preservation and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage related to games and food in ten communities of Tumanyan region of Lori marz of RA (Chochkan, Shamut, Chkalov, Shnogh, Dsegh, Artsatsag, Kachachut, Akori, Mghart, Odzun).

The database of Armenian traditional games contains important information about many traditional Armenian games that have already been forgotten. The staff of the program has already started presenting some traditional Armenian games to the beneficiaries of the organization by advertising their practical application.

The database of Armenian traditional games is available online at the NGO “Center” website and Facebook page.

The “Edible plants in Armenian cuisine” database of Lori region of the Republic of Armenia was compiled as a result of field work, study of existing literature, various sources and interviews with masters of Armenian cuisine. The database is available here.

The master classes are available online on the NGO Center’s YouTube channel.

Armenian games and national cuisine is one of the important manifestations of intangible cultural heritage that must be preserved and passed on to future generations.


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