Armenia’s amended law to regulate educational policy


YEREVAN, January 25. /ARKA/. A set of new amendments to the Law On Education, approved recently by the Armenian parliament are aimed at expanding and regulating the government’s policy in this area, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Zhanna Andreasyan said at a press conference on Monday.

She said one of the two major changes is the procedure for management of the information system, which is to be adopted before June 30, 2021. This will allow expanding the ongoing digitization processes at educational institutions

According to Andreasyan, this system covers all levels of the education, including preschool institutions. Colleges and schools will be provided with the necessary equipment, software, and retraining courses.

“High school certificates will be digitized and certified automatically. This will allow us to completely abandon paperwork,”Andreasyan said, adding that the process is expected to be completed by the new academic year.

In addition, according to her, a system of registration of children who dropped out of the educational process, as well as children with special educational needs, will be established. “This will allow ensuring effective monitoring of cases of children dropping out of school, including those who often miss classes,” Andreasyan said.

Among the most important tasks is the ensuring appropriate level of educational process for schools with a small number of students, which are many in the regions.

“The development of such institutions is a strategic issue related to national security. The new procedure will allow for a more flexible policy, for bringing funding closer to the standards,” the deputy minister said.
The Armenian parliament adopted a draft law on Thursday establishing the legal basis for maintaining state administrative registers of the educational system. The changes concern, in particular, the establishment of reporting forms regarding licensing and the activities of licensed organizations in the field.


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