Israeli Warplanes Overfly Most Lebanese Regions


Israeli warplanes on Sunday violated Lebanon’s airspace over Beirut and several regions.

Over the capital, two fighter jets were heard and seen flying at medium and high altitudes.

The National News Agency meanwhile reported that Israeli warplanes overflew the southern regions of Hasbaya, al-Orqoub, Sidon and Jezzine at low altitude.

The jets also overflew the heights of Mount Hermon and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

TV networks also reported that the warplanes overflew Lebanon’s eastern and western mountain ranges at medium altitude.

An intensification of Israeli overflights in Lebanon’s airspace usually precedes Israeli airstrikes on neighboring Syria.

Israel has recently intensified low-altitude warplane missions in Lebanese skies, causing jitters among residents and prompting Lebanon to file an urgent complaint to the U.N.

Source Naharnet


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