Challenges can be solved by national consolidation – PM meets with members of ‘’Igorts’’ program


YEREVAN, JANUARY 26, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan met with the participants of ‘’Igorts’’ program on January 26. The program is about involving Diaspora specialists in the state administration bodies.

As ARMENPRESS was informed from the Office of the Prime Minister of Armenia, greeting the guest, the PM said, ‘’We initiated this program with great enthusiasm, expectations and hopes. The goal of the program is that the young specialist of the Diaspora should come and get involved in state administration bodies, work for a period of time, bringing with them new views, freshness.

But we have to confess that the program encountered a number of obstacles just from the beginning, first, because of the coronavirus pandemic and later coincided with the hardest period for us – the war. And of course, from this viewpoint, the period was not favorable, though, on the other hand, your presence at the hardest period was in some sense a great moral support for all of us, in the ministries and state bodies where you were involved. And I want to thank you for that you shared the hardest period for us with your presence.

And now, this idea, that was the fundament of the program, has become more urgent and needed, because the challenges facing the country can be solved by the national consolidation of our intellectual and general potential.

The participants of the program presented to the PM the works they do in different state bodies, as well as shared opinions and addressed with the PM. Nikol Pashinyan talked about the post-war works to be done for the transformation and development of Armenia, strengthening of Armenia-Diaspora-Artsakh relations and other issues.

The participants of ‘’Igorts’’ program thanked the Government of Armenia for initiating such a program that gives them an opportunity to invest their knowledge and skills for the development of the Motherland.



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