Iran is ready to participate in the restoration of the liberated territories of Azerbaijan

48 Today the President Ilham Aliyev and Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif discussed the issues of Azerbaijani-Iranian relations and regional cooperation. Aliyev expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation between the two countries.

“In recent years, we have seen very good results of cooperation between the two brotherly countries in the political and economic fields, transport and energy,” Aliyev said. He called the successful implementation of such projects as the North-South transport corridor. Last year, traffic along this corridor increased by 20%.

“This is a very positive achievement, despite the fact that we have not fully completed it,” Aliyev said. In connection with the new situation in the region, “new opportunities, new doors are opening for private investors and government agencies,” Aliyev continued.

Currently, new transport communications are under discussion, in particular, cooperation on the Khudaferin reservoir and the construction of new power plants there. Aliyev expressed hope that this project will complete soon.

Work on the construction of the Ordubad and Marazad power plants (also on the Araz River), which were agreed upon several years ago, is being successfully implemented.

Along with this, Aliyev expressed hope that the ceremony of laying the foundation of the bridge across the Araz River will soon take place.

“We would be glad to see Iranian companies among the companies participating in the restoration of the liberated territories from the occupation. This is natural, because only friendly countries will be our partners. Certainly, Iranian companies have advantages due to their close location, logistics and extensive experience,” Aliyev said.

Zarif, for his part, congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the liberation of the occupied territories. “We hope that this will be the beginning of peaceful and normal relations between the states of the region.

“In accordance with your proposal for a new format of regional cooperation “3 + 3 ”(Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Turkey and the Russian Federation), I will pay visits to these countries to discuss the implementation of this idea. Cooperation between the countries of the region is in the interests of all our countries,” Zarif said.

After restoring the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, creating an opportunity for the return of Azerbaijanis to their homes, conditions have been created and Iran is ready to help in this, Zarif said.

“Besides being friends, we consider these people our compatriots. There have always been relations between compatriots on both sides of the Araz River,” Zarif said.

According to him, the priority for the Iranian side is energy, the restoration of the liberated territories, agriculture and Iranian companies are ready to participate in this. Iran also wishes to work within the North-South and South-West corridors.

Tehran is ready to cooperate in the production of electricity under the projects of the Khudaferin and GyzGalasy hydroelectric complexes.

He expressed satisfaction with the fact that during the visits of Azerbaijani officials to Iran, agreements were reached to accelerate the implementation of these projects and from now on, the border between the two countries has become longer.


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