Tear Gas in Tripoli as Roads Blocked in Sidon, Beirut


Riot police fired tear gas at stone-throwing demonstrators protesting the lockdown measures in Tripoli, as other protests were organized in Beirut and Sidon.

In Tripoli, security forces used tear gas after protesters “heavily pelted Tripoli’s serail with stones and damaged several cars parked in its yard,” the National News Agency said.

Riot police intervened and pushed them away to the Abdul Hamid Karami Square, NNA added.

The agency said the demonstrators were protesting “the general lockdown, the fines that are being issued against violators and the suffocating economic crisis.”

Protesters in the southern city of Sidon meanwhile partially blocked the Elia Square with their bodies and were scheduled to roam the city’s neighborhoods and streets.

The Sidon demos were also held in protest at “the hike in prices and citizens’ inability to provide their basic needs amid the general lockdown and continued curfew.”

In the capital, protesters meanwhile briefly blocked the Ring highway in both directions.



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