Twitter Permanently Suspends My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell


by Evgeny Mikhaylov

Lindell, also known as “the My Pillow guy”, previously urged Trump to impose “martial law” in seven states, and challenge the election result, accusing voting machine companies Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems of conspiracy to alter the results of the 2020 election.

Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow and supporter of ex-US President Donald Trump was suspended by Twitter on Tuesday.

“This account was suspended for repeated violations of our civic integrity policy”, a spokesperson for the tech giant said, later confirming that the ban would be permanent.

MyPillow CEO & Trump ally, Mike Lindell (@realMikeLindell) has been suspended from Twitter

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) January 26, 2021

​The suspension comes after Lindell said he is mulling a possible run for governor of Minnesota in 2022. However, he stressed that it doesn’t make sense if it won’t be done via paper.

“Why would anybody want to run if they had the same machines with the election fraud?”, the businessman said.



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