Trying to Impeach Ex-US President Has Nothing to Do With ‘Unity’, Katie Hopkins Says


At a time when America stands divided and is engaged in what is being described as an “uncivil war”, Joe Biden has declared that the impeachment of Donald Trump is the trial that “has to happen”. The president has preached the importance of unity, but the scene has now been set for the most divisive political battle in a generation.

Sputnik had an exclusive interview with UKIP’s Katie Hopkins to hear the TV personality’s thoughts on why the second impeachment trial against ex-POTUS Donald Trump  is setting a dangerous precedent for the United States.

Sputnik: Joe Biden has called it “the trial that has to happen” as Donald Trump, according to the House of Representatives, stands accused of being engaged in high crimes and misdemeanours by “inciting” violence against the government of the United States. What are your thoughts on all of this?

Katie Hopkins: I’ve just got back from Washington DC. So I was there for pretty much all of January and during the sixth of January, when all of this happened.

On that day in DC, I was there and there were two very separate things that happened. One was an entirely peaceful rally with 500,000-600,000 MAGA supporters. And many of those had the whole day at the rally, they were freezing cold because it’s two degrees there. They went home to their hotels or went back to wherever. And only when they got Wi-Fi or saw TVs did they see what happened on Capitol Hill. That was a very separate group. It was a two-hour time difference.

So two different things happened on the sixth of January. The second thing that I think is really important to point out is that Joe Biden talks about unity.

How on Earth does trying to impeach a former president of the United States have anything to do with unity? How does that help the 80 million Americans who voted for Trump, who support MAGA? How does it help them now to be persecuted? I think this impeachment is utter nonsense.

I think it’s all about preventing him from being able to run again. And I think it’s malicious. And I think it does the opposite of promoting unity, for 80 million Americans that still back the ‘America First’ agenda.

Sputnik: Does this trial therefore risk creating more division in America? And what effect could it have on Biden’s presidency?

Katie Hopkins: This is the thing that people don’t talk about. More people turned out to vote for Trump this time than they did in 2016. More people turned out to vote for Trump than they did for President [Barack] Obama. More people still support the ‘America First’ agenda than they did four years ago. After four years of Trump, more people support it.

So how on Earth does it help to try and disenfranchise those voters? What has that got to do with unity? And I think we’ve seen from the first three or four days of Biden being in office, all I can see him doing from DC where I was, is ripping things down, tearing things up, and trying to destruct and destroy.

That goes from anything to the border wall, to the travel ban, to joining the idiocy of the Paris Climate Agreement, which is really wealth redistribution. This doesn’t feel like the will of the people to me. This feels like things are being done at the expense of the American people.

Sputnik: For the Democrats, has the overriding motivation of this trial been the prospect of seeing Trump banned from standing for election again?

Katie Hopkins: I think we can realise that the Democrats are running scared now. Americans that I’ve just been amongst know, we’re already talking 2022, two years down the line, you know, taking back the House and the Senate.

The Democrats are scared because they know they haven’t got a chance in four years’ time because the agenda they’re pushing through is just so harmful to Americans. Already gas and oil prices have gone through the ceiling. Trump managed to create American energy independence for the first time. What does Biden do in his first couple of days in office? Destroy American energy independence by ripping up the Keystone pipeline.

I mean, it’s going to be a destructive four years. They’re terrified Trump will come back and come back much stronger. And I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. So that’s what this impeachment is about. I think it will fail. And I think it will mark the start of a very dark four years in politics in America.

Sputnik: Would you say this trial is setting a dangerous precedent for America?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, if you listen to constitutional experts. Clearly I’m an outsider, but I’m a respectful one.  Alan Dershowitz is a great name for anybody to hear referenced. Alan Dershowitz is an expert on the constitution and has fought legal battles on both sides of it because he’s described himself as not being political. He says this is not in the constitution.

This is against the Constitution of the United States of America. And as much as people might hate Trump and might say, ‘well, I don’t care’, when the Constitution or when these sorts of things are done, it weakens the constitution, and it means that next time it could be a Democrat they come after. This is exactly the sort of thing that could come back to bite Biden.

It could be seen that if they decided to take Biden out, to impeach Biden, then it could become easier. And that’s not what they want. The constitution was never designed to have an impeachment of a president just to stop them from running again. That was never part of the Constitution. So yes, constitutional experts say this is unconstitutional, and therefore it is not a democratic process.



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