ANIP demanded resignation of Azerbaijani government

52 / 01.02.21 / Turan: The Azerbaijan National Independence Party (ANIP) condemned the decision of the Tariff Council to double the tariffs for water supply and sewerage services from February 1.

“Such a decision of the Tariff Council, without taking into account the opinion of millions of consumers, is illogical and will aggravate the already difficult socio-economic situation in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the unemployment caused by it.

At a time when hundreds of thousands of people are out of work and citizens’ incomes are declining, such decisions demonstrate a clear manifestation of disrespect and indifference towards people,” the party said in a statement.

The explanation for the rise in prices by improving the water infrastructure, increasing wages for employees, as well as saving on water consumption is nothing more than a primitive deception of citizens, the party believes.

ANIP, finding the decision of the Tariff Council offensive for the population of the country, suffering from unemployment, poverty and want, and demanded the immediate resignation of the government.


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