Presidency Says Aoun Not Seeking One-Third Share but Keen on Naming Ministers


The Presidency on Monday denied that President Michel Aoun is seeking a one-third share in the new cabinet.

“Political and journalistic circles are insisting on circulating that President Michel Aoun is demanding to get the blocking one-third in the new government which has led to delaying its formation, despite the statements and stances issued by the Baabda Palace that confirm that such allegations are baseless,” the Presidency’s press office said in a statement.

Stressing that the president has “never demanded” to get a one-third share, the press office pointed out that Aoun is however keen on “practicing his right to naming government ministers who are specialist and competent and who would gain confidence inside and outside the country.”

This is aimed at preserving “national partnership” and “Lebanon’s higher interest,” the press office added.



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