State of Emergency Declared in Nuremberg, Germany as Heat Supply Suspended After Fire at Power Plant


The city announced that the heating and hot water supply in Gebersdorf and Röthenbach would be affected.

A massive fire at a power plant in Germany’s Franconia region prompted the city of Nuremberg to declare a state of emergency on Tuesday.

The city and the power supplier company N-Ergie have set up crisis management headquarters. In addition to private households, a clinic, two retirement homes, a shopping centre, schools as well as several large companies are connected to the power plant.

The fire broke out and was quickly managed by fire teams on Monday afternoon, however, the plant is on temporary shutdown. There were no injuries reported as a result of the fire.

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— Stumptner IT (@StumptnerI) February 8, 2021

​The cause of the fire at the plant is still unknown. The fire broke out at the ground floor and had spread to a height of at least 80 metres, the fire brigade said. It took around two hours to extinguish the fire.



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