Trump impeachment video: What was in it?

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Democrats opened their case against Donald Trump by showing a chilling 13-minute video from the Capitol riots which US senators watched in stunned silence.

The goal of the prosecution was clear: keep the focus squarely on Mr Trump, linking him and his words to the deadly riot that followed.

They also wanted to ensure the jury of senators – and, importantly, Americans watching at home – saw the brutal violence of the mob, the panic of police, and the fear of lawmakers.

The montage opens on Mr Trump speaking to a cheering crowd on 6 January before moving through clips showing the horror of the day – played out in excruciating, expletive-laden detail.

As Trump speaks, the siege begins

Mr Trump continues his speech, invigorating his crowd with false claims of voter fraud. “We’re going to walk to the Capitol,” he says. A mob of his supporters have already reached the Capitol building.

Chanting “USA, USA, USA”, a group charges the barricade around the complex. Some wear Make America Great Again hats, others are decked out in military gear, as they stampede through the police officers trying in vein to stop them.

Some confront police, using vicious expletives, calling them “pigs” and “traitors”. The video cuts back to Mr Trump’s speech.

‘Fight for Trump’

As lawmakers convene inside the Capitol building to certify the presidential election results and Joe Biden’s victory, the scene outside is bedlam.

Supporters wield flags and weapons. One man stands on a make-shift gallows, complete with a noose. The crowd chants: “Fight for Trump.”

A group of police officers on the steps leading up to the Capitol backs away from the quickly advancing mob, helpless against the crowd.

Chaos in the Capitol

As Vice-President Mike Pence is rushed from the Senate, the mob smashes through windows and doors of the Capitol Building. They confront officers inside the halls of Congress.

“You’re outnumbered,” one says. “There’s a [expletive] million of us. And we’re listening to Trump – your boss.”

One group chants “treason, treason, treason”, as more Trump supporters rush inside. Another group shouts “defend your Constitution”, as they walk the corridors of power.

Trump supporter shot dead

In the footage, Democrats include the chilling moment where pro-Trump rioter Ashli Babbitt is shot and killed by an officer.

In a hallway outside the House chamber, a group attempts to force its way through a set of locked doors. The glass window panes on the doors are shattered. A rioter uses a baton to smash through as the crowd around him chants “break it down, break it down”.

We see the hands of an officer on the other side, holding a gun and pointing it toward the mob. We hear a shot and see Babbitt fall to the ground.

‘Is this the Senate?’

Lawmakers cower in the gallery of the House. Someone off camera shouts at them to “stay down”. A group of lawmakers – many wearing protective gas masks – are guided by police to secure locations.

A group breaks in to the Senate chamber. “Is this the Senate?” one demands to know. “Where are they?” another asks, apparently referring to the evacuated senators.

We see some rioters rifling through papers and materials left behind by lawmakers. “There’s got to be something we can use against these scumbags,” one says.

Vast crowd outside threatens violence

The footage shows a sprawling mob, a sea of people on the Capitol grounds. A Confederate flag waves in the foreground.

‘That’s why we’ve got to have 30,000 guns up there,” one man says. “Next trip,” another replies.

Police overwhelmed by violent crowds

Some of the most disturbing scenes of violence come near the end of the video.

Police officers are crushed in an entrance to the Capitol by the surging crowd trying to force its way in. It looks and sounds like pandemonium.

“We need fresh patriots in the front,” one rioter shouts. Others shoot pepper spray at the line of cops trying to guard the entrance.

A rioter tries to rip the gas mask from the face of a police officer.

The crowd gathers steam, chanting “heave ho” as they attempt to force their way inside in unison.

We hear a horrible cry of anguish from an officer trapped in the doorway.

Outside, the crowd chants encouragement: “Fight for Trump.”

media captionDemocrat Jamie Raskin: ‘They thought they were going to die’

The former president’s defence team denies he incited the riot, and argued at the trial on Thursday that the impeachment was unconstitutional. A majority of senators voted for the trial to do ahead.



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