Powerful Blast Hits Vladikavkaz, Russia


by Evgeny Mikhaylov

The emergency services told Sputnik that the building hit by the blast crumbled immediately, but no fire was reported at the site of the incident.

A supermarket in Vladikavkaz, Russia, was destroyed on Friday by a powerful explosion.

“An explosion occurred inside a supermarket on Gagkayeva Street”, a spokesman for the emergency services confirmed. According to the spokesman, the one-storey building was completely destroyed. “It was presumably a gas explosion. There are casualties”, he added.

Deputy head of the government of the North Ossetia–Alania Republic Irbek Tomayev confirmed that one person was saved from under the debris.

“One person was found during the rescue operation. He was not injured. Law enforcement agents are currently working with him. According to preliminary information that we received from experts, the explosion was caused by a gas leak”, Tomayev told reporters.

В результате взрыва здание торгового центра на ул. Гагкаева рухнуло, конструкция сложилась. #осетия #владикавказ pic.twitter.com/HaZ7XTZklJ

— Алик Пухаев (@rajdianos) February 12, 2021

Взвыв под окном будит лучше всякого будильника. Через несколько секунд после взрыва. Владикавказ pic.twitter.com/0QSqgNVWUg

— Олег. Великий князь 🇷🇺 Актер, режиссер, художник (@Oleg_Ilchenko) February 12, 2021

Emergency service chief in North Ossetia Alexander Horuzhiy told journalists there have been no confirmed reports about any victims of the blast at the moment.



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