Two friends to visit Turkey’s 81 provinces with caravan


Two friends from Turkey, who started their trip less than a month ago with a caravan they converted from a minibus from the capital Ankara, have decided to continue their journey until they see all of Turkey’s 81 provinces.

“We started our journey from the capital Ankara 26 days ago. We do not know when the trip will end, maybe in three, five, or 12 months. It will end when we would have visited all the provinces,” said 25-year-old Niyazi Solak, one of the two friends, on Feb. 14.

“In less than a month, we visited five Central Anatolian provinces,” said 23-year-old Cevdet Kasımoğlu, the other friend.
When asked how the idea of such a trip came to their minds, Kasımoğlu said, “I bought a minibus in the Black Sea province of Rize with the money I earned from picking tea and came to Ankara to visit Niyazi.”

The two friends then decided to turn the minibus into a caravan and hit the roads. They are nowadays in the province of Kayseri.

“Our next stop? We do not know; wherever the road takes us,” Solak said.

“We share our photos and our experiences on our social media accounts. We also have an internet site in which we introduce camping sites across the country,” he added.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Solak shared his happiness for being on such a trip and recommended camping to everyone.

“We prefer to wake up in nature rather than in a four or five-star hotel’s room,” he added.

Hurriyet Daily News


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