İYİ Party leader asks for national mourning for terror victims


İYİ (Good) Party leader Merak Akşener on Feb. 17 criticized the government for not declaring national mourning over illegal PKK’s killing of 13 Turkish citizens in northern Iraq, while asking the reason for not being able to successfully rescue the abducted security personnel.

“Why are you waiting to declare national mourning on a national issue?” Akşener asked while addressing her party members at the parliament.

The military operation against the PKK group in the Gara region of northern Iraq is a national issue, therefore everyone should pay attention to their words, she said.

However, this attention cannot be an excuse to cover up if there is a mistake, Akşener emphasized.

The politician questioned why the Turkish security forces, who had achieved successful results in similar rescue operations before, were not able to rescue the abducted citizens in a cave in Gara.

“We would like to find out why our heroic soldiers, who have successfully carried out such operations and set an example to the world in this regard, have encountered such a result,” Akşener said, elaborating on the rescue operation of the abducted Turks in northern Iraq.

Hurriyet Daily News


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