Caucasus Nature Fund and AR Trails LLC to present virtual hiking trails of Armenia


YEREVAN, February 19. /ARKA/ The Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF) and the AR Trails LLC signed an agreement to present new virtual walking tours in Armenia’s protected areas. As part of the agreement the AR Trails mobile application will be used to create media content about hiking trails in the Khosrov Forest State Reserve and the Dilijan National park.

By using the augmented reality technology the application will provide detailed information and new impressions. In particular, by downloading the app and the package of trails, visitors will be able to obtain information about the biodiversity of the trail and its history, both in audio and video formats, as well as in 3D and other media formats.

“The Caucasus Nature Fund continues to support nature protection programs in Armenia, as well as to increase the awareness about its unique biodiversity, which includes the introduction and application of the latest technologies in specially protected areas,” the CNF said.

Armenian Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan stated earlier that Armenia will open reserves for ecotourism with new hiking trails and mountain tourism. There will be several routes, each with a full package of technical assistance and paid services. To minimize the impact of people on the ecosystem the number of visits will be limited.

The Khosrov (Garni) nature reserve is located on the spurs of the Geghama ridge, occupying an area of ​​29 thousand hectares in the basins of the Azat and Khosrov rivers at an altitude of 1,400-2,250 m above sea level. The area is distinguished by a special diversity and richness of flora and fauna – there are almost 1,700 plant species, as well as many rare species of insects and animals. In particular, the Transcaucasian brown bear, wild boar, broad-eared hedgehog, Armenian mouflon, bezoar goat, lynx, wolf, fox, Central Asian leopard and others.

The Dilijan National Park is located in the northeast of the Armenian Highlands, 110 kilometers from Yerevan. The area is known for dense forests, mineral springs and ancient monasteries. On the territory of the park there are 902 species of plants, 36 of which are listed in the Red Book, 13 species of reptiles, 4 species of amphibians, 147 species of birds and 43 species of mammals. The area of ​​the reserve is 33.7 thousand hectares. -0-


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