Armenian PM addresses congratulatory message on Artsakh Revival Day


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 20, ARMENPRESS. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has addressed a congratulatory message on the Artsakh Revival Day, the PM’s Office told Armenpress.

The message runs as follows:

“33 years ago these days the Karabakh Movement started. It was truly a turning point for the further history of the Armenian people. The Karabakh Movement signaled the beginning of the fight for independence, awakening the spirit of the national unity and the breath of freedom in our hearts. It was the first step of the process on restoring our statehood and finding our place in the family of the world’s nations.

In February 1988 thousands of people in Artsakh’s capital Stepanakert stood up for protecting their rights and voicing about the right to live a dignified life in their own land. That step of the Artsakh people, which was an unprecedented courage for that days, immediately received a reaction in Armenia enlightening Yerevan’s Freedom Square.

33 years ago these days not only Artsakh, but also the entire Armenian people were reborn. The spark of the rebellious spirit of the people of Artsakh lit our hearts. We have found in ourselves the determination to live freely and independently, create our fates and manage our future.

Today we also remember and bow our heads before the memory of our heroes. We remember all our heroes fallen at the first and second Karabakh Wars, the April and July battles, and those fallen while on duty. Glory to all who sacrificed their lives for the future of our people. Their memory is immortal. Their heroism was not in vain, and their legacy is eternal.

33 years ago the Armenian people were reborn thanks to the work of brave Artsakh people. 33 years later today we need to be reborn. If the revival of that days led us to the reaffirmation of the right to live freely, the revival of these days must lead us to building a firm, competitive and modern state of the 21st century.

Our pain is deep, our wounds are incurable. But the memory of our sacred heroes and their work demand us to be fully engaged in building our future, ensuring the revival of Artsakh.

The death of our martyrs will not be in vain if we unconditionally dedicate ourselves to work for the sake of a powerful homeland, for our children and our future achievements.

The spirit of our people is unbreakable. The spirit of the Artsakh people is even more unbreakable. I am sure that like many nations who faced challenges during their history, the Armenian people as well will soon heal the wounds of the war and will move on to the future with more decisive and firm steps.

33 years ago, with the revival of Artsakh, a new page was opened in the history of our people. Today we are inspired by the ideals that nurtured the revival of Artsakh and are ready to move on with the path of fulfilling our national dreams.

Long Live the Republic of Artsakh,

Long Live the Republic of Armenia,

Long Live all sons of the Armenian people fallen for our freedom!”


Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan


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