Reports: Hariri Hasn’t Agreed to 22-Minister Government


Prominent political sides will seek to convince PM-designate Saad Hariri to accept a government of 22 or 24 ministers in which no single party would have a one-third-plus-one share, media reports said on Tuesday.

“The 18-seat government format has become a weak possibility,” al-Joumhouria newspaper quoted “credible sources” as saying.

The Free Patriotic Movement’s OTV meanwhile quoted Baabda Palace sources as saying that Hariri has agreed to the formation of a 22-seat government in which President Michel Aoun would get six ministers and MP Talal Arslan would get the second Druze seat, which would prevent anyone from obtaining the one-third-plus-one share.

Sources close to Hariri have however denied the reports, describing them as “mere wishes or analyses that are totally distant from reality.”


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