Pompeo and his like still find fertile soil in US to instigate public

CIA Director Mike Pompeo listens to a question during and event on intelligence issues at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Mike Pompeo Photo: AFP

China-US relations were severely damaged under Trump’s presidency, and the forces that poisoned the two countries’ relations didn’t stop after Trump left office. Conservative careerists are still making waves and continue to kidnap the American system, symbolizing the tragedy of the US.

“The worst secretary of state in US history,” aka “Mr. Liar,” Mike Pompeo and so-called China hand Miles Yu jointly published an article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Tuesday, in which they play on the same old tunes of conspiracy theories against China. The article is full of groundless accusations that have been proven to be slanderous. But the two authors don’t care about the authenticity of their words; after all, they are good at distorting the truth.

The World Health Organization’s expert team has rebuked the conspiracy theories with scientific arguments regarding origin of the novel coronavirus. But lies still can find a way in US mainstream media. It is conceivable that the US still has considerable soil for their existence.

The WSJ is a conservative newspaper whose tone toward China is often radical and biased. It is not surprising to see such ridiculousness on this paper. This move is in line with conservatists’ stance, which is prompted by political manipulation and intent to pass the buck. Such extreme conservative mentality is more than dangerous.

When Donald Trump was in office, his administration failed Americans in the COVID-19 fight, and they tried to dump the responsibilities of its ineptitude onto China. Now there have been over 500,000 innocent Americans who died due to COVID-19, the forces that poisoned China-US relations have not yet given up making China their scapegoat. How sinister and vicious they are!

The incompetence of the Trump administration has caused the loss of innocent lives, but no one in the cabinet has been held accountable. This is unthinkable but it has actually happened in the US.

Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times on Wednesday that “It is evident that US politics doesn’t serve the welfare of the vast majority of Americans.”

The Conservative Political Action Conference is scheduled from Thursday to Sunday. Unsurprisingly, the agenda of the event includes China; and COVID-19 related topics are unlikely to be absent. Trump will deliver a speech on Sunday, and it is predictable that he will continue poisoning public opinion in a bid to expand the influence of conservative forces in the US and tighten their grasp on the US system.

Pompeo will also participate in the event. His article published before the event, to some extent, aims to set the tone of topics related to COVID-19 and China during the conference. Li said, “It is clear that US conservatives will do anything to smear China.”

The number of daily new infections and deaths in the US is still breath-taking. But the conservatives still focus on averting the blame for their inability, and on demonizing China.

Millions of Americans are still suffering natural and man-made disasters, while the conservative elites who have neglected the mess are planning to enjoy their big joyful gathering. The group responsible for the biggest crisis in the US this century is still given a platform to instigate people as they wish. This “largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world” reflects those conservatives’ true nature of having no moral bottom line. Continuing on this path, the US is brewing new political crises.


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