Blank shot of the Armenian General Staff

76, the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, just like at the fateful moment for democracy in Armenia, when he organized protests against the election of Serzh Sargsyan as Prime Minister on April 13, 2018, again appealed for the support of the people.

Like three years ago, he went out on a street march with a megaphone, encouraging his supporters and throwing in the theses about the legitimacy of his steps, and therefore the people against their opponents.

Pashinyan himself counterattacked the general staff, which demanded his resignation. The generals stated that the Prime Minister of Armenia and the government are no longer able to make adequate decisions at the current momentous and critical moment. However, unlike Pashinyan, the generals did not dare to bring troops to the streets, which means that they are not sure that the army will follow them wall to wall with the people. All attempts by the army elite and the political opposition since the defeat in the last year’s war over Karabakh to remove Pashinyan have so far been unsuccessful, since the people for the most part have not revised their choice made in 2018.

Today, in Armenia, the word of the people has a decisive force. It is no coincidence that in recent months, tragic for Armenia, Pashinyan appealed to the people, just like his opponents, led by former presidents Kocharian and Sargsyan. However, the entire post-war period demonstrated the electorate’s readiness to defend their prime minister.

There are the following reasons for this. First, the military command was brought to the defeat of Armenia by virtue of the direct responsibilities of command and control of troops and military actions, and secondly, this was facilitated by the previous corrupt government, which was corrupting the country, occupied by the Karabakh clan, which came into conflict with the entire Armenian society.

Today’s summons from the generals and Pashinyan’s response were expected, since the latest events, statements and mutual accusations led to this denouement. However, we can say that the putschists have already suffered defeat. Their behavior resembles the indecision of the army and the decisiveness of society during the coup attempts in the USSR in August 1991 and in Turkey in July 2015. The General Staff of Armenia did neither, and even worse made just a verbal cabinet shot.

The external factor is also important. None of the geopolitical forces supported Pashinyan’s opponents after the second Karabakh war and now. This means that, as in 2018, Pashinyan will receive the support of the army and the people and will finally complete the defeat of his opponents.

P.S. On February 12, in the article “Marlborough goes to war”, we predicted an attempt to rebel, doomed to failure.


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