Let Armenians not dream of revenge – Ilham Aliyev


https://www.turan.az-Baku/25.02.21/Turan: “A few days ago, information appeared that Armenia’s allies again want to revive the Armenian army, modernize it. For what? Against whom?” President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said today at the ceremony of distributing apartments to the families of martyrs and war veterans in the Ramana settlement.

“The war is over. If someone lives with revanchist ideas, they will see this fist. They should not test our patience. The Armenian army is no longer and should not be. We will never allow a threat to be created for us, or there would be risks for our citizens returning to liberate the territory,”Aliyev said.

According to him, the Azerbaijani army will continue to strengthen. “New contracts have been signed, modern weapons are being purchased, and they are already being delivered. Contracts have been signed for the supply of the most advanced weapons in the world and they will be delivered. The war also revealed issues of further improving the army. The ongoing reforms will create a more efficient, combat and efficient army,”Aliyev said.

Referring to the situation in Armenia, Aliyev noted that earlier foreign leaders used this country as an example, stating that they have “national unity”. “Now we see where this national unity is,” Aliyev said ironically.

In Armenia, everyone is accused of defeat, and the opposition is subjected to mass arrests. At the same time, “some NGOs and governments that talk about democracy are silent. “This means that we have won not only over Armenia. International circles have united against us, wishing to occupy our lands forever. Armenia was just a tool. We destroyed this insidious policy and restored justice,” Aliyev said.


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