Al-Rahi Salutes ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ who Backed His Stances


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday saluted “the 15,000 people who rallied Saturday at the patriarchal seat in support of the patriarchate’s stance that has called on the international community to declare Lebanon’s positive and active neutrality.”

Al-Rahi also saluted “the hundreds of thousands who took part in this supportive rally through TV stations, radios, Facebook and social media, in Lebanon, the Arab countries and the diaspora countries.”

Al-Rahi added, in his Sunday Mass sermon, that neutrality would allow Lebanon to “carry out its message as a homeland for the dialogue of cultures and religions and a land for coming together, equal and integrated coexistence, and mutual respect between Christians and Muslims.”

“This neutrality would enable Lebanon to avoid regional and international alliances, conflicts and wars, and to immunize its domestic and foreign sovereignty through its own military forces,” the patriarch explained.

He added: “We saw with our eyes the joy of the gatherers during the rally, and especially during their departure, as their hearts filled with hope and courage and the flame of the revolution took a new and difference course.”

“They came from all regions, sects and parties, and we saw their relief on their faces and their feeling that their presence in Bkirki is a presence at their homes and among their people,” a-Rahi said.

They felt that Bkirki is “a national seat for all Lebanese,” he added.



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