Zakharova reiterates ”all for all” principle as optimal solution for POWs issue


YEREVAN, MARCH 4, ARMENPRESS. The optimal solution for the issue of war prisoners is ‘’all for all’’, official representative of the MFA Russia Maria Zakharova said in a weekly briefing.

՛՛The positions of the sides over the issue of POWs are different. We are always talking about that. The difference of those data is significant – the numbers presented by official Yerevan regularly changes, we receive other information from Baku’’, Zakharova said, adding that by now 79 POWs have been exchanged – 63 Armenians and 16 Azerbaijanis.

Maria Zakharova once again confirmed the position of Russia on this issue. ‘’We believe that the optimal exchange format is ‘’all for all”. We think that the speedy solution of the issue will give an opportunity to the sides to flip through tragic pages of relations and focus on the positive agenda, including in the economic sphere’’, Zakharova said.


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