Lebanon’s Education Minister Announces Agreement to Return to Blended Teaching as of March 22


https://english.almanar.com.lb-Caretaker Minister of Education, Tarek Al-Majzoub, on Friday announced in a press conference “a decision to implement a complete cessation of teaching for a week”, considering it “a first step in response to those who have evaded their promises.”

“We’ve asked for financial support for parents, students, and schools so that teachers could get their salaries, but all the requests have been met with utter recklessness because unfortunately, in Lebanon, education is not a priority,” Majzoub exclaimed.

He also stressed that the scholastic year must not be wasted. “We must not lose our educational body, and vaccination must be its full right.”

The Education Minister finally disclosed an agreement to return to blended education as of March 22, 2021, starting with official examination classes.

Source: NNA


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