Al-Rahi Slams ‘Intentional’ Govt. Delay, Says Popular Revolt Justified


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday lashed out at politicians over what he called the “intentional delay” in forming the new government, as he noted that the popular protests that are engulfing the country are totally justified.

Warning in his Sunday Mass sermon of “a period of lethal challenges that can destroy the country, the people and the entity,” al-Rahi accused politicians of wasting the people’s “money and hope” and creating a state of poverty, hunger and unemployment.

“This state is not limited to a certain religion, sect, party or region,” the patriarch noted, adding that citizens have nothing else left but to take to the streets.

“How can these people not revolt after the dollar exchange rate exceeded LBP 10,000 overnight? How can these people not revolt after the (monthly) minimum wage dropped to $70? How can these people not revolt after their pockets were emptied of money and they no longer can buy bread, food and medicine?” al-Rahi asked.

“And yet some are wondering why the people have exploded!” he exclaimed.

“It would be better to see the people exploding and the country remaining instead of the country exploding and the people ceasing to exist!” he added.

“But we shall remain and the people are stronger than those transgressing against the nation, no matter how mighty their means might be!” al-Rahi went on to say.



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