Iranian dissident journalist living in fear in Turkey – report


An Iranian journalist who fled to Turkey to avoid persecution is facing deportation and the threat of kidnap, DW reported on Thursday.

Investigative journalist Mohammad Mosaed crossed into Turkey by foot after being sentenced to more than four years in jail for covering popular protests that erupted throughout Iran in late 2017, DW said.

Mosaed said he has been subjected to abuse after being detained by Iranian authorities: “Sometimes you can’t see the sun for days, and there’s no fresh air. The guards use physical violence – sometimes just because they feel like it,” he said.

However, it was ultimately the prospect of being banned from working as a journalist that convinced him to flee the country, Mosaed told DW.

“At some point, I realised the gravity of the situation: Even after my prison sentence, I would not have been able to work as a journalist for years. It would have meant the end of my professional career.”

Mosaed said he now faces deportation from Turkey having entered the country illegally, and is waiting on the outcome of an application for international protection.

In the meantime, Mosaed’s lawyers have warned him not to leave the house or make public appearances, DW said.

In December, Iranian intelligence agents were reported to have kidnapped an Iranian dissident in Istanbul, before transporting him across the border.

And Mosaed said safety concerns in Turkey mean he is looking for ways to travel to another country.

“I am afraid,” DW cited him as saying.



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