Is It Time to Return Gazakh Villages?


Baku/09.03.21/Turan: On March 7, Russian border guards arrived in the Tavush region of Armenia, bordering Azerbaijan. They are carrying out demarcation actions in the area occupied by the Armenians in 1992, the Azerbaijani village of Barkhudarly.

At the same time, it is reported about the arrival of the Azerbaijani military in this zone, who entered into negotiations with the Armenians, offering them to liberate certain territories.

Several Armenian media and Telegram channels reported this simultaneously with reference to the local authorities of the Taush region.

In turn, the Armenian oppositionists accused the Armenian authorities of another land surrender and betrayal. In turn, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia stated that there can be no surrender of the territories of Armenia.

Such a statement does not contradict what is happening, that in this direction the Armenians occupied two Azerbaijani enclaves, where the villages are located: Baganis Ayrim, Barkhudarly, Sofulu, Yukhary Askipara, Ashagy Askipara, Heirimli, and Gyzylhajili.

The road and railroad from Azerbaijan to Armenia (to Ijevan and Noyemberyan) pass through these enclaves. The Armenian side speaks of the need to open this road to Russia for it, and not the Zangezur corridor. Taking this into account, it can be assumed that the issue of using this route can be realized, however, subject to the return of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. At the same time, it is clear that Baku can give its consent to this if the Zangezur corridor is implemented.


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