PSP Holds Talks with Hizbullah, Amal to Avert Security Incidents


The Progressive Socialist Party announced Monday that it has held phone talks with Hizbullah and Amal Movement officials to prevent any sectarian discord resulting from any incident linked to the road-blocking protests that are engulfing the various Lebanese regions.

“People have the right to expression in rejection of this entire dire situation, and the PSP adheres to this on the basis of refraining from harming civil peace and stability,” the party said in a statement.

It added that ex-minister Ghazi Aridi, tasked by PSP chief Walid Jumblat, has called Hizbullah official Wafiq Safa and Speaker Nabih Berri’s adviser Ahmed Baalbaki to “stress the need that citizens’ protests should not be exploited to create any strife.”

The PSP added that it rejects the blocking of roads “in the face of the people,” noting that “freedom is a right for protesters and non-protesters.”

“The rights and protests of the people should not be exploited in directions that do not serve their legitimate demands,” the party went on to say, calling for “coordination among everyone and with the security agencies in light of what the circumstances necessitate in this regard.”



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