Hajjar Says Hariri ‘Ready to Meet Aoun’


Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc MP Mohammed Hajjar said Thursday that PM-designate Saad Hariri is ready to meet with President Michel Aoun on the government formation process if the latter has something new on the file

“The PM-designate could head to Baabda if anything new happened,” said Hajjar.

“The last meeting between him and the President discussed the government formation, and Hariri told Aoun: I am ready to discuss the issue if you have notes on names or portfolios. Aoun responded by saying that he wants a government with one-third-plus-one veto power and one minister for the Tashnaq party. Matters are still stalled here,” added Hajjar.

The MP described Hariri’s Wednesday meeting in the UAE with Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov as “very important at all levels.”

He said Russia is interested in the Lebanese file and has a good relationship with Hariri, and that their meeting in Abu Dhabi was important and successful by all standards.

Hajjar said what makes the meeting remarkable was the fact that Lavrov’s statement referred to Hariri as the PM of Lebanon instead of PM-designate, “meaning that Hariri is the only one who can run the country at this stage.”



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