I Do… But I Can’t: Up to 7,000 Weddings May be Dropped in UK Amid COVID Restrictions Confusion


by Evgeny Mikhaylov

The United Kingdom is expecting to ease pandemic restrictions, however, the number of infected is growing across the country, reaching 4.2 million, while the death toll from COVID-19 has surpassed 125,000, becoming the fourth-highest in the world.

At least 7,000 wedding ceremonies may be postponed or cancelled in Britain due to major confusion surrounding the pandemic restrictions roadmap, according to the industry body UK Weddings.

The roadmap said that starting from 12 April, events may be attended by up to 15 people, but there is confusion about whether that merely allowed people to gather outdoors, or also meant that ceremonies could be staged inside.

The authorities have recently issued a clarification saying that events will only be permitted at places of worship, public buildings, and outdoor settings. This means that permission does not include most of the UK’s licensed venues, which usually host up to 71 percent of wedding ceremonies, according to the industry group.

“The roadmap indicated weddings and receptions could resume on 12th April. We have now discovered, not by being offered the information but by analysing the small print and repeatedly seeking clarity, that this is not the case”, UK Weddings spokeswoman Sarah Haywood said.

She noted that the cabinet’s message was neither clear nor unambiguous.

“It will cost the industry – already on its knees – millions of pounds, lead to the loss of more jobs and leave an estimated 7,000 couples without a wedding”.

Addressing the issue, the prime minister’s spokesman said the roadmap on coronavirus was clear, confirming that at stage 2 in easing the restrictions, “wedding receptions must take place outdoors”.



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