SOCAR Comments on Contract with Gazprom Export on Gas Transit to Armenia

54 “In view of the repair work on the North Caucasus – Transcaucasia gas pipeline, the Russian side turned to Azerbaijan with a request for the transit of Russian gas to the territory of Georgia. The request was granted, and Russian gas will be temporarily supplied through Azerbaijan to the territory of Georgia, and further to Armenia, for the corresponding transit payment, starting from March 17,” Ibrahim Ahmedov, spokesman for SOCAR, told Turan, commenting on messages on the temporary transportation of Russian gas to Armenia through the territory of Azerbaijan.

He refrained from commenting on the size of the transit payment and the volume of supplies, stressing that the gas goes exactly in the direction of Georgia.

Note that on March 16 Gazprom Export signed a short-term (approximately 3 weeks) contract with SOCAR for the transportation of Russian gas through the territory of Azerbaijan.

“During the scheduled preventive maintenance work on the North Caucasus – Transcaucasia gas pipeline, Russian gas will be supplied to consumers through the territory of Azerbaijan,” the Russian supplier said.

In 2020, Gazprom supplied 2.209 billion cubic meters of gas to Armenia. In January 2021 supplies increased by 9% – up to 310 million cubic meters.


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