Hariri Unveils Line-Up Rejected by Aoun in December


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri on Monday distributed to reporters a draft cabinet line-up that President Michel Aoun had rejected on December 9.

“Because His Excellency the President said in his latest speech that I had only submitted broad lines to him, I will distribute to you the full line-up, with names and portfolios, that I had submitted to him here in Baabda on December 9, 2020 — or more than 100 days ago,” Hariri said after meeting Aoun in Baabda.

“I will let the public opinion judge it,” the PM-designate added.

Below is the draft line-up distributed by Hariri:

– Saad Hariri (Prime Minister, Sunni)

– Firass Abiad (Health Minister, Sunni)

– Nasser Yassine (Social Affairs and Environment Minister, Sunni)

– Lubna Misqawi (Justice Minister, Sunni)

– Youssef Khalil (Finance Minister, Shiite)

– Maya Kanaan (Labor Minister, Shiite)

– Ibrahim Shahrour (Public Works and Transport Minister, Shiite)

– Jihad Murtada (Administrative Development and Tourism Minister, Shiite)

– Rabih Narsh (Foreign Affairs and Agriculture Minister, Druze)

– Antoine Klimos (Defense Minister, Maronite)

– Fadia Kiwan (Culture Minister, Maronite)

– Abdo Gerges (Education Minister, Maronite)

– Walid Nassar (Youth, Sport and Information Minister, Maronite)

– Saade al-Shami (Economy Minister, Greek Orthodox)

– Joe Saddi (Energy and Water Minister, Greek Orthodox)

– Ziad Abu Haidar (Interior and Municipalities Minister, Greek Orthodox)

– Fadi Samaha (Telecommunications Minister, Greek Catholic)

– Garabet Slikhanian (Industry and Displaced Minister, Armenian)



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