Boulder grocery massacre leaves 10 dead including cop, suspect in custody


Police could be seen leading a handcuffed shirtless man from the scene with an apparently bloodied leg

By Stephanie Pagones, Louis Casiano | Fox News

Ten people, including a “heroic” police officer, were fatally shot Monday afternoon inside a grocery store in Boulder, Colo., authorities said at a news conference.

The suspect, who was injured, is in custody.

The officer was identified as Eric Talley, 51. He was one of the first police officers on the scene. He has served in the department since 2010.

Kelly McGannon, a spokeswoman for the grocery store, offered her condolences to the loved ones of the victms and first responders

“Our hearts are broken over this senseless act of violence,” she said.

According to local FOX 31 Denver, police first received a report of a man shot in a car in the area. But officers who arrived on the scene were reportedly shot at by an unknown suspect.

One witness told FOX 31 Denver they heard a sound similar to fireworks after leaving the store and saw a man in the parking lot holding an “AR-15 style weapon” and wearing what looked like tactical gear. The witness went back into the store to tell the people inside.

Another told KCNC-TV that some family members were in line for the COVID-19 vaccine shot inside the store’s pharmacy when a gunman shot someone waiting in the same line. The man said his family ran into a closet and hid.

The supermarket is one of several sites throughout the state where the vaccine is being offered.

Another man said he was on his way to get coffee at King Soopers when he arrived at the scene after the shooting, FOX 31 reported.

“I was in shock initially when we realized what was happening,” he said. “It’s something I’ve grown up with. People my age and my generation are used to this.”

In a statement, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, said his “heart is breaking” over the incident.

“My heart is breaking as we watch this unspeakable event unfold in our Boulder community,” he said. “We are making every public safety resource available to assist the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department as they work to secure the store. I’m incredibly grateful to the brave men and women who have responded to the scene to help the victims of this senseless tragedy.”

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, said she was praying for “employees, first responders & others affected by the shooting in Boulder.”

“While we are still awaiting important information and details in this case, random public shootings & senseless acts of violence are never ok,” she tweeted.

A store employee at a local sandwich shop, who did not give his name, told Fox News he and his coworkers heard gunshots before they moved to the back of their store for safety.

Several state and county law enforcement agencies were assisting Boulder police as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Live video on the ground showed police surrounding a building as someone could be heard over the loudspeaker saying, “This is the Boulder Police Department … come out with your hands up.”

The footage later showed police officers armed with long guns being lifted via a firetruck apparatus onto the roof of the grocery store. Police K-9s could also be heard at the scene.

Minutes after police pushed their way into the shooting scene, they could be seen walking out with a handcuffed, shirtless man in handcuffs. One of the man’s legs appeared bloody. Authorities would say if the man was the person in police custody.

Authorities could also be seen leading at least one other person out of the store and pressing him against the exterior wall of the building before walking away with him. He did not appear to be handcuffed.

Shortly thereafter, dozens of people who appeared to have been inside the store could be seen walking out. Hours after the chaos, around 100 first responder vehicles were preparing for a procession to escort the body of the fallen police officer.

Three miles away near the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus, authorities were asking people to shelter in place while police respond to reports of an “armed, dangerous individual.” The Boulder Police Department was investigating to determine if the incident was related to the grocery store shooting.

The university has canceled all classes that start after 5:30 p.m. because of the situation off campus. The Boulder Valley School District tweeted that Boulder High School was on “SECURE-Lockout” and that students on campus would be staying inside because of police activity. The district urged people not to travel to the area.

A few school athletic teams were at the school and were staying with coaches while they wait to leave when it is safe to so do, the district said. Students in the district are currently on their spring break. The order was eventually lifted without incident.

Authorities also issued a temporary flight restriction over the city while they investigate Monday’s shooting. It was not clear how long that would last and turned out to not be related to the grocery store shooting, authorities said.

Boulder is located 25 miles northwest of Denver.

This is a developing news story. Please check back for updates. 

Stephanie Pagones is a Digital Reporter for FOX Business and Fox News. Follow her on Twitter at @steph_pagones.




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