EU considers possible tourist sanctions against Turkey


The European Union (E.U) is considering possible sanctions against Turkey’s tourism sector ahead of a summit this week, the euobserver reported on Monday.

According to an E.U foreign service strategy paper seen by the euobserver, the bloc is considering a wide-range of sanctions that would be targeted at important sectors of the Turkish economy.

Among those being proposed are “measures targeting…sectors important for the Turkish economy, such as a prohibition to supply of tourism services, negative travel advice by member states”. Tourism is an important source of income for many Turkish businesses, but it has been battered heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic which reduced the number of visitors to Turkey.

Other measures under consideration include limiting lending from the European Investment Authority and sanctions against individuals in the energy sector, particularly those involved in drilling in the disputed waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The strategy document however makes clear that Turkey will be rewarded if it continues its path of de-escalation with the E.U.

One measure that was not up for debate was continued financing provided to Turkey in order to maintain the 2016 migration deal that reduced the flow of Syrian refugees into Europe. The deal expired in December, but European leaders are keen to restore it with Ankara to prevent renewed outflows.

Turkey is currently hosting four million Syrian refugees on its territory.

The E.U summit is slated to take place on Thursday and last through Friday.



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