Armenia expects Turkey to fundamentally change its aggressive policy – FM


YEREVAN, MARCH 29, ARMENPRESS. For establishing peace in the region, Armenia expects that Turkey will revise its aggressive policy and hostile actions against it, FM Ara Aivazian said in a parliamentary briefing at the foreign relations committee.

Opposition Prosperous Armenia MP Arman Abovyan said in his question that various government officials are hinting on revising the relations with Turkey in the context of the new situation in the region. Abovyan asked the FM whether or not any consultations are happening with Turkey now.

FM Aivazian stressed that Armenia’s official stance on its foreign policy is voiced solely by either the prime minister or himself. He reminded that ever since its independence until recently, Armenia was making various initiatives in the direction of normalizing relations with Turkey. The last such initiative was the Zurich process, which was annulled by Turkey. Aivazian attached importance to the principle of reciprocity. “And our initiative on the normalization of truly honest relations without preconditions was not reciprocated by Ankara, moreover  the Armenophobia of the previous century which had culminated into the Armenian Genocide, seemingly hasn’t not only stopped but was exported into our region,” Aivazian said.

The FM stressed that they very well realize the possibilities and prospects that peace and eventually reconciliation could create, but these aren’t simply nice words. “And in order for there to be truly peace in our region, we expect that Turkey will make serious and fundamental changes into its aggressive policy against Armenia and will abolish its hostile actions,” Aviazian said.

Asked whether or not any processes are taking place, Aivazian said he is unaware of any format within which consultations or talks could take place with Ankara.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan


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