Hizbullah MP Says French Initiative Gained New Momentum


MP Ibrahim al-Moussawi of Hizbullah’s Loyalty to Resistance bloc announced Monday that “there is optimism regarding the formation of the government,” adding that “key obstacles” have been resolved.

In a radio interview, Moussawi identified the resolved hurdles as the one-third-plus-one share and the size of the government.

The lawmaker, however, noted that “there are additional complications that must be overcome in order to form the government.”

“Hizbullah’s engines are working with all the parties to form a government as soon as possible,” Moussawi said.

“There is progress and optimism but that is not decisive enough to say that the government’s formation has become imminent,” he added.

Moussawi also poined out that “the French initiative has been re-launched with higher vigor and has gained a new momentum.”



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