BDL Agrees to Submit More Documents to Forensic Audit Firm


Representatives of Banque du Liban — Lebanon’s central bank — met Tuesday via Zoom with officials from the Finance Ministry and Alvarez & Marsal and agreed to provide the New York-based firm with more documents and information to allow it to conduct a forensic audit requested by the Lebanese government, the National News Agency said.

The meeting was also attended by the government’s commissioner to the central bank.

“During the meeting, it was stressed that BDL’s central council is committed to the auditing process and to carrying out a series of steps as of Friday and until the end of the month, which will be related to providing the documents and information requested by the A&M firm after the law lifting banking secrecy was approved,” NNA said.

Below are the key points agreed during the meeting:

“1. The central bank shall provide the government’s commissioner with updated information by Friday, 9/04/2021 at the latest, and it shall specify the documents whose preparation time would exceed the end of April.

The central bank shall begin collecting the needed documents so that they be available to the government’s commissioner, and which will be handed over to the A&M firm upon the reactivation of the contract signed with it.”

The conferees also agreed to maintain communication in order to “reactivate the forensic audit file and evaluate the ongoing progress.”



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