Armenian Ombudsman prepares special statement over newly opened ‘’garden’’ in Baku


YEREVAN, APRIL 12, ARMENPRESS. The Human Rights Defender of Armenia is preparing a special statement over the exhibitions in the theme of the last Artsakh war newly-opened garden in Baku, ARMENPRESS reports head of the press service e of the office of the Human Rights Defender Nune Hovsepyan wrote on her Facebook page.

‘’At the moment we just record that this comes to prove what the Human Rights Defender regularly announces – Peacefulness is an absolute value for us, but we must not allow to numb us with false Azerbaijani peacefullness. it is just a veil for the international community”, Hovsepyan wrote.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev visited a newly-opened garden in Baku where Armenian military equipment taken by Azerbaijan as trophy, helmets of Armenian servicemen and other items are displayed. The garden covers a territory of 5 hectares.


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