Israel Warns of Counter-Steps after Lebanon Extends Disputed Sea Area


Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz on Monday warned that any “unilateral” Lebanese steps regarding the sea border demarcation will be met by “Israeli counter-steps,” shortly after a Lebanese minister said he had signed a decree that would increase the area claimed by Lebanon.

“It seems that Lebanon prefers to torpedo the negotiations instead of making an attempt to reach solutions,” Steinitz said, according to Russia’s RT Arabic television.

“This is not the first time in the past 20 years that the Lebanese have changed their maritime maps for propaganda purposes and to express a ‘patriotic stance’, and by this they are obstructing themselves one time after another,” the Israeli minister added.

“At a time other countries in the region such as Israel, Egypt and Cyprus have been developing their natural gas fields for several years to provide prosperity to their citizens, the Lebanese are staying behind and launching fiery statements that will achieve nothing,” Steinitz added.



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