Report: Intelligence Says ‘Hizbullah’ May Attack US Interests in Region


In the annual risk assessment report for 2021 prepared by the US intelligence services, it said that “Hizbullah” may attack the US interests in the region, Nidaa al-Watan newspaper reported on Thursday.

The intelligence report dedicates a paragraph in its report to warn of the danger that entities such as “ISIS”, “al-Qaida” and “Hizbullah” emanate to US interests, calling for the need to continue pressuring them.

It said that “Hizbullah” is seeking to develop “its terrorist capabilities to push the United States out of the region,” and warned “that Hizbullah may launch attacks against the interests of the United States and its allies.”

“We expect Hizbullah, in coordination with Iran and other armed Shiite groups, to continue developing its terrorist capabilities as a means of deterrence and a retaliatory option against its opponents,” added the report.

Hizbullah retains the ability to “target US interests, directly or indirectly, inside and outside Lebanon, and to a lesser extent inside the United States,” the US intelligence report concluded.



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