Biden Administration responds to letter of Armenian historians about the Genocide


YEREVAN, APRIL 20, ARMENPRESS. The White House has responded to the letter sent by Armenian historians who hope to see the term “genocide” in US President Joe Biden’s April 24th annual address, Director of the History Institute at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia Ashot Melkonyan said today.

He released the content of the letter received from the White House during today’s round-table about the Armenian Genocide.

In the letter the Biden-Harris Administration thanked the Armenian historians for the information provided and appreciated every opportunity of communicating with them.

“Our country is facing numerous challenges, and your such kind of letters help us better understand how the Biden-Harris Administration can be useful for you. We will carefully study the letter and will try to proceed”, Ashot Melkonyan said while reading the text of the White House letter.

According to Melkonyan, from this letter it can be expected that the Genocide term will be used at the US President’s level.

On April 13, 2021, Armenian historians have addressed an open letter to US President Joe Biden, hoping to see clearly the term genocide in his annual April 24 address.

The letter has been signed by the Union of Historians of Armenia, the History Institute of the National Academy of Sciences, the History Faculty of the Yerevan State University, the Institute for Armenian Scientific Research of the YSU, the Faculty of History and Social Science of the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

The letter notes that Turkey poses a threat not only for Armenia, but also for all its neighbors and the entire civilized world.

“The two major crimes committed against humanity and civilization during the First and Second World Wars – the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust, have outlined the clear line, with which the 20th century has set the red lines guaranteeing peaceful coexistence on the Planet Earth, which have become inseparable parts of whole human consciousness. Their protection and the prevention of new genocides firstly depend on the will and determination of the United States as one of the greatest countries which guarantees freedom and human rights in the whole world”, the letter states, adding that the decisive condition for preventing the new genocidal aspirations of Turkey, bringing that country back to the field of its international obligations is overcoming the phenomenon of Turkish impunity through the unconditional and final recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

“At this historic moment the souls of not only the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide, but also millions of people killed in violence and sufferings are praying with a hope to see clearly the GENOCIDE term in your annual April 24 address”, the letter says.



Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan


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