Higher Judicial Council Grills Judge Aoun, Inclined to Refer Her to Inspection


The Higher Judicial Council on Tuesday questioned Mount Lebanon Prosecutor Judge Ghada Aoun for around 40 minutes over her latest actions that stirred political and judicial controversy in the country.

The National News Agency said the Council was expected to issue a statement about the interrogation session as TV stations that the Council was inclined to refer Aoun to judicial inspection.

The media reports also said that the Council was expected to endorse State Prosecutor Gahssan Oueidat’s decision to remove Aoun from investigations into suspected violations by the Mecattaf money exchange company. Accompanied by State Security agents, Aoun had carried out two raids on the company’s offices in Awkar last week, defying Oueidat’s decision.

Supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement meanwhile rallied outside the Justice Palace, where the session was held, in support of Judge Aoun, amid strict security measures that were taken by the army and the Internal Security Forces.



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