PACE MP urges Azerbaijan not to trade over POWs issue


YEREVAN, APRIL 20, ARMENPRESS. The issue of returning Armenian POWs kept in Azerbaijan is being discussed at the PACE. MP Stefan Schennach said in his speech that he gives a speech today not as the co-rapporteur for Azerbaijan, but as a PACE MP.

‘’We must use this forum for solving conflicts and reaching peace. There are people in Azerbaijan, who are considered missing, there are many servicemen who are still kept in Azerbaijan as POWs. This issue must be clearly and seriously addressed’’, ARMENPRESS reports Stefan Schennach as saying.

He added that numerous civilians have been killed during the war, and it’s important to respect the adversary and strive for peace. ‘’I ask, I call on Azerbaijan, let’s not trade over the issue if the servicemen were taken captive before or after the war. They must be returned home’’, the MP said.


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