Arab Parliament Calls on International Community to Support Lebanon


The Arab Parliament called on Arab states, the international community and international donors to “stand and show solidarity with Lebanon at this critical time the country is passing through, to help it get out of its economic crisis,” al-Joumhouria daily reported on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Arab Parliament Speaker Adel al-Asoumi stressed the “importance of all parties engaging in an urgent dialogue to reach consensus on forming a government of national competencies to face the existing economic challenges and develop a clear roadmap to implement the necessary reforms and save the country from the current crisis.”

He stressed the need for a “comprehensive and final solution because the situation bears no more delay.”

Al-Assoumi stressed “the firm position of the Arab Parliament regarding full support for everything that enhances the security and stability of the Lebanese Republic, achieves the supreme national interest of the Lebanese people, and fulfills their aspirations for security, development and stability.”



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