Mrs World 2020 Steps Down After Ripping Crown From Sri Lanka Beauty Pageant Winner on Stage


by Andrei Dergalin

The now de-crowned Jurie has been released on bail after getting arrested and charged with using criminal force and causing damage, with the first hearing slated to take place in June.

Caroline Jurie, the Sri Lankan winner of the 2020 Mrs. World competition, has relinquished her title after becoming involved in an on-stage incident at the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant this month.

During the incident in question, Jurie forcibly removed the crown off the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant winner Pushpika de Silva instead of crowning her, as was intended, insisting that the latter was not eligible for the prize since she was divorced, while contestants need to be married to qualify.

AFP points out, however, that even though De Silva is estranged from her husband, they are, in fact, legally married.

In an announcement on social media, Mrs. World Inc. said that Jurie’s “voluntary resignation decision” was made solely by herself, and that the Mrs. World 2020 title now goes to the first runner up of that pageant, Mrs. Ireland World Kate Schneider.

Jurie and her associate Chula Padmendra have been arrested and charged with using criminal force and causing damage; both have since been released on bail ahead of the first hearing, scheduled to take place on 28 June.

Chandimal Jayasinghe, the local franchise holder for the pageant, has demanded compensation for the damage to the stage and the dressing rooms incurred during said incident.



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