Rallies to be held outside Turkey’s diplomatic representations in France on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day


YEREVAN, APRIL 21, ARMENPRESS. Despite the coronavirus pandemic the Armenian community of France is planning to gather a lot of people on April 24 for the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, Co-Chair of the Coordination Council of the Armenian Organizations of France, ARF Bureau member Murad Papazian told Armenpress, adding that currently event preparations are underway.

“We are in touch with French President Emmanuel Macron. We should work to properly hold the Armenian Genocide commemoration events. We take actions so that the event will be attended by the government representatives, the Paris Mayor, the representatives of the regions, MPs. Of course, we will keep all the coronavirus-related rules. By respecting the laws we must organize the demanding events of April 24th. We couldn’t stay silent on April 24, 2021”, he said.

According to him, what has taken place against Armenians in Artsakh in 2020 is unacceptable, and the events organized by the French-Armenian community will also focus on this. He says Turkey’s participation to the recent war unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh, Turkey’s expansionist policy should be voiced so that the international community will condemn President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s actions.

“Azerbaijan recorded success in the war because Turkey was standing by it not only with specialists, equipment, but also with jihadists. We should continue to raise, criticize this in order for the international community to condemn Turkey’s actions. We should continue our fight for our fallen heroes. We should work for the restoration of Artsakh. This is important, Artsakh must re-find its Armenian borders”, he said.

An Armenian Genocide commemoration event will be held in Paris on April 24 near the statue of Komitas. Various rallies are expected to take place in different cities, including outside Turkey’s diplomatic representations.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan


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