Turkey’s military spending fell in 2020


Turkey’s military spending fell by five percent in 2020, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s (SIPRI) annual report. On Monday, SIPRI released its report that showed Turkish spending on its military fell to about 17.7 billion dollars, representing about 2.8 percent of Turkey’s gross domestic product (GDP). Turkey’s spending on the military as a whole has gone up nearly an entire percentage point in the last decade, but SIPRI notes 2020 was an exception to an overall trend of Turkey raising its defence budget. SIPRI’s data showed that the United States remained the largest spender on defence worldwide followed by China, India, Russia and the United Kingdom. Turkey is ranked as the world’s fifteenth biggest spender on defence, a drop in one place on the global rankings. Last month, SIPRI’s data showed that overall arms imports by Turkey were down by 59 percent in 2020.



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